What is Metadichol?

Metadichol® is the patented formula in Nano-Ojas® products

Nano-Ojas behaves differently from anything on the market today. The patented formula, called Metadichol®, is shown to trigger the replication of human DNA, regulate all nuclear receptors, influence production of the body’s own vitamin C, and activate pluripotent stem cells throughout the body to maximize recovery at the cellular level (US patents 8,722,093, 9,006,292 and 9,034,383)

This novel nanoemulsion harnesses the body’s innate healing power by acting on nuclear receptors (present in the nucleus of every cell) which contains the software necessary for homeostasis, or the critical balance between interdependent processes. Nuclear receptors, particularly vitamin D receptors (VDR), regulate myriad human developmental and physiological functions including reproduction, development, and metabolism.

Since it is known to bind to VDR (US patent 9,006,292), its mechanism of action likely involves the competitive displacement of virus particles from VDRs on host cell membranes. Because the formula consists of natural components of common foods and has no known contraindications or side effects, Metadichol® has the potential to serve as a novel, broad-spectrum antiviral agent.

How it’s made

Nano-Ojas® contains a stable water-soluble nanoemulsion of pure Swiss water with policosanol, or long-chain lipid alcohols. Policosanol is found naturally in the plant waxes of whole foods like broccoli, potatoes, wheat, sugarcane, apples, and peanut, and represents an ancient natural nutrient that has been processed out of our modern day food supply. Our formula undergoes strict analysis and testing in Switzerland and in the United States for both purity and potency. We adhere to all GMP standards and are committed to ensuring that the dietary supplement and cosmetic products we sell are accurately and legally labeled in accordance.

Better immune responses

Nano-Ojas makes it easy for the body to adapt and respond the way it needs to. Our formula supports the body’s foundational integrity by activating the immune system at the cellular level. By accessing nuclear receptors, Nano-Ojas quickly and safely modulates immune responses to help the body address its most imminent threats: attacking pathogens, managing stressors, and intercepting disease processes.

Immediate absorption

The formula’s fast-absorbing nanoparticles support the immune system by acting on nuclear receptors responsible for our most fundamental disease responses. These nano encapsulated molecules are highly bioavailable and designed for maximum absorption by the body, where they can access and activate the cellular functions that determine how we heal.

Broad-spectrum support

As a broad-spectrum nutrient, nano policosanol helps the body defend itself quickly and recover faster from illness, injury, or surgery. This powerful formulation benefits from nano encapsulation so nutrients bypass traditional digestion and go straight to nuclear receptors. The nanoparticles in Nano-Ojas are highly stable and provide precise delivery to targeted tissues and cells.

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