Nature Meets Nanoscience

Plant-based nanoformula to strengthen immunity & repair skin
Next Generation Immune Support + Skin Repair

Nano-Ojas  Skin + Immune

Reliably handle your most challenging skin and immune struggles with the use of an incredible nanotechnology spray. Support healthy immune function and restore youthful energy with the help of advanced science that works to activate the body’s own ability to heal.*

Decades of research led Dr. P.R. Raghavan to discover the massive potential in policosanol, a remarkable substance derived from plant waxes made with nanotechnology into a stable, highly potent nanoformula. This patented nanotechnology spray can enhance your immune system like nothing else.



What is Ojas?

Meaning “vigor” in Sanskrit, Ojas (OH-jus) refers to the vital life force within that is the foundation of immunity and longevity. It is the vibrant essence of a body well-nourished and functioning optimally. 


A natural plant extract in a powerful water-soluble nano emulsion that’s clean and pure


Restore balance to your cells and body systems and experience skin and immune health like never before*


Improve energy levels and supercharge cells to help your body function the way it's supposed to*


Strengthen your immune system and revive the body’s natural capacity to heal*


Slow aging and disease progression by supporting cell regeneration with patented immune technology*


Take advantage of healing plant nutrients that are absorbed and utilized as nature intended*


What People Are Saying

"My whole family uses this. When we feel like we are coming down with something and for regular immune defense. I also use it on my son, who has an auto-immune condition.”

-Andrea S.

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