Nature Meets Nanoscience

Food-based nanosprays that support cellular-level immunity, energy, skin, and sinus health


Are you seeking a powerful, all-natural health tool to support the body's own ability to heal itself?

Nano-Ojas Sprays focus on restoring, re-balancing, and renewing key biological functions by opening up pathways to healing and detoxification, allowing the body's immune system to express itself naturally in order to repair itself.

It's not covering up symptoms. It isn't a cheat code.

This formula simply allows your body to work as nature intended to defend your health and protect your vitality.

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Versatile Formula

A trusted ally for parents, kids, seniors, health pros, and everyday folks wanting better solutions.

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Clean and Pure

No additives, fillers, or artificial flavors. Holistic plant-based spray for immunity, energy, and skin.

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Nanotechnology powered plant nutrient for superior cellular absorption and maximum bioavailability.

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Swiss Quality

Made in Switzerland. Rigorously tested and third-party certified to ensure quality, purity, and potency.

All-Season Nasal Care

Nano-Ojas Sinus Spray is formulated to provide year-round support, ensuring that you can breathe freely no matter the time of year. Instantly soothe nasal passageways and protect against allergens, irritants, and inflammation with our gentle formula.

Advanced Immune Support

With no shortage of threats to our wellness these days, feeling our most vibrant and most protected is all that matters. Nano-Ojas Immune Spray was created to help the immune system function better—which is the peace of mind we all need. Having a safe yet powerful health supplement for the whole family is why people choose our patented formula again and again.

Multifunctional Skin Repair

A powerful plant-based formula combined with innovative nanoscience brings an ingenious solution to help you handle skin issues with confidence. Alleviate irritation, soothe pain, and expedite skin recovery on even the most damaged, sensitive, or delicate skin with just a spray. It's a natural, adaptive approach to skincare that's suitable for everyone’s unique skin demands. 

Our Mission

Us here at Nano-Ojas (Nano-OH-jus) are dedicated to helping people feel their best through powerful holistic methods that merge ancient healing with modern nanoscience to help the body restore balance.

Our mission is to empower the world with innovative solutions that harness the brilliance of nature and nanotechnology, giving you the space to enjoy smarter, safer alternatives for supporting immunity, cellular energy, skin repair, and sinus health.