Policosanol - Uses, Benefits, and More

Our immune systems are struggling to maintain our lifestyles. If the recent pandemic has been any indication, we should now realize that our bodies need extra help. Supplements designed to work with the body and support our immune system can be a tremendous ally; however, finding superior supplements with the right blend of ingredients and innovation can be a challenge. This can be especially challenging if you are seeking supplements with natural and/or proprietary ingredients.

There are many great options available for boosting the immune system, but few that deliver a universal approach capable of catering to anyone. Nano-Ojas Immune Spray contains a nano formulation of a powerful plant-based compound called policosanol that is revolutionizing how we approach foundational immune system function.

What is policosanol?

Policosanols are long-chain lipid alcohols, which are chemical compounds naturally found in the plant waxes of many whole foods like sugarcane, fruits, vegetables, nuts, wheat, beeswax, and seeds.

Uses of policosanol

Policosanol is most commonly used to treat exercise-related leg pains due to poor blood circulation, as well as high cholesterol and heart disease. It works by decreasing cholesterol production in the liver while increasing the breakdown of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), otherwise known as ‘bad cholesterol.’

Some of the additional benefits reported include:

  • Reducing blood sugar
  • Reducing blood clots - policosanol reduces the stickiness of platelets, which helps reduce blood clots
  • Reducing the risk of atherosclerosis -  policosanol mitigates the hardening of the arteries and coronary artery disease
  • Helps to treat hypertension (high blood pressure)

Who should avoid policosanol?

Studies have been conducted on policosanol to determine reactivity, if any. These studies have concluded that policosanol is very well tolerated with little to no side effects. Our nano policosanol is formulated to deliver the safest possible avenue for addressing root health issues in a convenient water-soluble spray.

Are there side effects to policosanol?

Nano-Ojas nano policosanol products contain plant-based, food-grade ingredients that have no known interactions or side effects. Our products are not drugs, are complementary to virtually any wellness regimen, and can be used alongside other medications or supplements.

Policosanol is largely considered safe when taken orally by most people; however, for questions about specific combinations or if pregnant or breastfeeding talk to your healthcare provider.

Nano Policosanol and Nano-Ojas Sprays

Nano-Ojas Immune Spray is an immune support supplement that helps to strengthen overall health by working along the pathways responsible for our innate and adaptive immunity. It is derived from naturally occurring plant waxes and supports:

  • Healthy immune and inflammatory response
  • Cellular energy and metabolism
  • Healthy aging
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Natural defenses against viruses, bacteria, and fungi

This multifunctional immune booster has been proven to adapt to the body with consistent supplementation. Studies showing the uses and benefits of our immune support tool demonstrate the massive potential of this special, one-of-a-kind nano formula.

If you’ve been seeking an immune support supplement made with natural plant-based ingredients that’s safe to use with proven results, Nano-Ojas is the one you want. There is no easier or faster way to get your immune system back on track.

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