How Does Your Immune System Work?

A country relies on its army and police service to protect its citizens from external and internal threats. This is the same job your immune system does, which is crucial for protecting your body from harmful substances, germs, and cell alterations that may cause illnesses. Like the army, the immune system comprises different subsystems – organs, cells, and proteins.

Your overall health depends on the immunity of your body. You may not notice its presence if the system works well; however, you will fall sick and require medical attention when that system becomes weak and can’t properly fight back. An under-performing immune system represents an ideal environment for illness to take hold, inviting germs and more aggressive pathogens to easily and willfully attack the body and negatively impact health.

Parts of the Immune System

Your immune system comprises various cells and organs working together to keep the body safe. The white blood cells, or leukocytes, are the body’s army. They fight by working to destroy foreign bodies like germs and other unwanted pathogens.

There are two main types of white blood cells:


Phagocytes are white blood cells that “chew up” invading organisms. They are responsible for keeping unwanted pathogens out of the system. One example of phagocytes is called a neutrophil, which is specifically responsible for fighting bacteria.  When doctors order a blood test for bacterial infection, they check for neutrophil bacteria.

Many other phagocytes do different jobs to ensure the body is ready to protect itself against invaders. As long as these cells work efficiently and as intended, the risk of serious infection is far less likely.


Lymphocytes are white blood cells that help your body to remember specific invaders and destroy them accordingly. B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes are the two main types of lymphocytes. All lymphocytes are manufactured in the bone marrow, where they can stay and become B cells, or move to the thymus gland to become T cells.

The B cells are like the military intelligence system of your body, finding the target and sending defenders to deal with them. The T cells are the soldiers, the defenders, that carry out this fighting work.

How the Immune System Work

The body is uniquely aware of its parts and their specific roles, and will detect any microorganisms that do not fit or are out of place. It is the immune system that performs these tasks of detecting and destroying invading pathogens. Unfamiliar toxins such as proteins on the surfaces of bacteria, fungi, and viruses are called antigens.

When the B lymphocytes are triggered, they build antibodies (or immunoglobulins) that adhere to specific antigens. The antibodies will remain in the body to prevent the same germs from returning or ever taking hold. That is why some diseases, like chickenpox, never return. One-time sickness acts as an immune booster against that specific antigen, much like immunizations and vaccinations are intended to do.

After locking the antigen, the antibodies call for backup from the T cells to destroy it. The T cells will signal other cells, including the phagocytes, to do their job. And that’s why some T cells are referred to as “killer cells.”

How to Improve Your Immunity

The best investment you can ever make is for yourself and your health. Consciously taking care of your immunity ensures a healthier and generally happier life, bringing peace of mind that your body is strong enough to carry you through all that it endures. Supporting your immune system can be achieved by following a very simple routine.

Regular exercise is essential to taking advantage of all the benefits that physical fitness has to offer, while proper eating and sleeping habits are among the best ways that we can naturally improve our immune system health. Alternative medicine and holistic support are also smart ways to keep your immunity in check.

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