Why Nano-Ojas

Nano-Ojas (patent name: Metadichol®) was developed in response to these troubling questions:
Why are we so sick? Why are we not getting better?


We’re stressed. We’re overworked. We’re poorly nourished. We’re ravaged by toxins. We’re exhausted.


Our immune system is no longer working the way it’s supposed to, compromising the body’s natural ability to fight and heal properly.

But we’ve uncovered the solution:

 an ancient plant compound developed with modern nanoscience into a versatile, highly adaptive immune-strengthening formula.


Metadichol® (the globally patented formula in Nano-Ojas) is a holistic breakthrough capable of helping you make remarkable progress along your health journey, Nano-Ojas represents a potent non-drug alternative that anyone can use.


Made in Switzerland and headquartered in Oregon, our plant-based nano policosanol delivers an unprecedented method of restoring balance to key functions, which include:

●        Improving the immune system*

●        Enhancing wound healing*

●        Stimulating cell regeneration*

●        Promoting healthy energy levels*

This nano emulsion of policosanol—a substance derived from naturally occurring plant waxes known as long-chain lipid alcohols—is nanoencapsulated to 60 nanometers.


The nanoscopic particle size allows this potent nutrient to travel where most nutrients can’t: the nucleus of cells.* It is in the nucleus we find vitamin D receptors (VDR), which are located within immune cells as well as cells throughout every organ and tissue in the human body. VDR is the “conductor” of the immune system which regulates the expression of over 900 genes involved in an array of physiological functions.† This patented emulsion has been shown in studies to bind to VDR and create lasting effects on immunity.†† 


Help the immune system respond better to trauma and illness with the most advanced nano formula on the market.*



†† Metadichol® liquid and gel nanoparticle formulations (US patent 9,006,292).


Internationally patented in more than 20 countries, Nano-Ojas represents the life force—the ojas—that helps our bodies compete with all that threatens our health and well-being.