$ 59.99


Experience a natural skin care product that works! Nano-Ojas® Skin Spray is a nano emulsion that represents one of the most significant advances in skin health today. Easily combat all types of skin damage, inflammation, alleviate pain and discomfort, strengthen and protect your largest organ (the skin!) with just a spray.

Our natural plant-based skin care spray is a powerful, steroid-free, no-mess solution that powerfully delivers advanced cellular support for all types of troublesome skin resulting from minor injury, infection, illness, bites, stings, sores, rashes, and everyday pesky skin concerns.

Repair, rejuvenate, and restore skin health by supporting the skin’s natural immunity with our patented formula. Nano-Ojas® Skin Spray stimulates rapid cell turnover to immediately relieve itchy skin, cracked skin, swelling, and skin redness, and quickly soothes irritation, sensitivity, and discomfort for even the most sensitive skin.

Good for the face, body, hands, and feet. Use as a topical spray for pain, spray for cuts and scrapes, or to enhance wound healing.

Natural, non-toxic formula is safe for all ages and any skin type!