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Everyday Wellness Spray

Feeling well every day is the goal, but what are we

actually doing to achieve it?

These days, we are surrounded by constant stressors, toxins, and demands, and our bodies are the ones who pay the price.

At Nano-Ojas, we know how frustrating it can be not to feel like our bodies are as nourished as they should be.

That's why we've developed our immune spray to support your body's natural defenses and keep you feeling your best.

Our Everyday Wellness Spray supports the body’s natural protective mechanisms against oxidative stress, inflammation, and tissue damage.

Its active ingredient acts as an antioxidant that can help protect cells from damaging free radicals.

It also helps to boost immunity by regulating cytokine activity and enhancing cellular communication within the body's immune system.

Say goodbye to constant sickness and hello to a healthier you with Nano-Ojas Everyday Wellness Spray.

  • Supports healthy and balanced immune system function

  • Promotes optimal immune responses

  • Helps maintain and optimize healthy energy levels

  • Fortifies the body’s natural defenses against pathogens

  • Promotes cellular repair and renewal

  • Supports healthy respiratory function

  • Helps mitigate oxidative damage done by free radicals

  • Promotes healthy aging and longevity, feel good for your age

Benefits Of Nano-Ojas Immune Spray


Supports healthy and balanced immune system function
Promotes optimal immune responses


Helps mitigate pain and inflammation

Promotes faster recovery


Enhances metabolic speed and performance

Promotes healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels already in normal range


Helps maintain and optimize healthy energy levels


Supports the body’s natural detoxification process

Encourages healthy defenses against environmental toxins


Helps mitigate oxidative damage done by free radicals
Enhances the body's Vitamin C levels
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Nano-Ojas Immune Spray

The holy grail of immune system support, Nano-Ojas Immune Spray is a highly bioavailable, food-based formula scientifically developed to help the body restore key biological functions by activating the body’s innate immune system. It’s made with all-natural ingredients formulated into a water-soluble nanoemulsion of policosanol. This enables the formula to penetrate cells and bind to nuclear receptors to help promote better health outcomes.

Ingredients: Nano Policosanol, Vitamin E TPGS, Water, Sucrose Monolaurate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Contains no sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, artificial flavors or additives


“Awesome spray! I take 6 sprays under my tongue every morning without fail. I’m an organic Facialist and I recommend this to my clients too! Has definitely helped keep away all of the flu and cold bugs my son has brought home! Love that it’s plant based and natural. That’s important to me! Gives me a slight energy boost (not jittery) too!”


“I work in a convenience store and have not been sick at all. Highly recommend this to add to your daily routine.”


“I do three squirts every morning and I have not been sick with anything in over a year.”

-Dr. Gary

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