Vice President Nithasha Koukoumanos and Brand Strategy Director Stephanie Baty met more than half their life ago as university students, not knowing their trajectory would involve challenging health journeys and a divine partnership rooted in cheering for each other’s personal growth. Experiencing the profound success of Nano-Ojas in their own lives fueled an eagerness to share that healing with everyone they could.


Based in Oregon, Nano-Ojas distributes an advanced plant-based nano formula for skin and immune health. Nano-Ojas provides innovative alternatives made with nanotechnology to address some of our most difficult health and wellness challenges.


The response was powerful. Every person introduced to Nano-Ojas was seeing and feeling remarkable results from this formula. Despite the novelty of such an effective substance in a modest little spray bottle, the convenience and performance of Nano-Ojas were impossible to ignore.


Today, our purpose remains the same: to make Nano-Ojas accessible to anyone wanting better control over their health. To offer a dependable ally when other methods have failed. To complement existing wellness routines by providing a safer way to empower the body. To provide the peace of mind that arrives when you possess the ability to keep your health functioning at a high level.

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